Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Counseling, Reiki Classes, Intuitive Tarot Coaching
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Healing From Within

Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual  Life Coach, Reiki Classes, Intuitive Counselor

Life Transformation/ Women's Self-Empowerment


Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive Life Coach providing Tools for Women's Self-Empowerment, Emotional Freedom and Positive Change

Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual  Life Coach, Reiki Classes, Intuitive Counselor

Susan Eller

Transformational Counselor, Coach, Healer & Teacher

Promoting Emotional Freedom & Personal Power

Greetings and welcome! Does life seem to be spinning out of control? Are you stumped by what's going on in the world? Would you like tools to help you cope with the current momentous changes?

Below are some suggestions to help you deal with overwhelm and these times of change sometimes called the Planetary Shift. 

1. Know that there is a Higher Purpose to all the changes occuring in your life and in the world. The upheaval is clearing the way for something new and more sustainable to emerge.

2. Challenges are gifts and opportunities for growth. What's in the way is the way. A challenge points the way to what needs modifying such as a different perspective and/or behaviour. A challenge motivates you/your soul to evolve.

3. Avoid jumping to conclusions. Rather than imagining the worst case scenario, use your imagination to think about what you would like instead. This is because your thoughts are powerful and what you focus on expands. Look for the good in people and situations rather than focusing on the negative.

My Services

As a spiritual counselor and empowerment coach I show you how to transform limiting beliefs and patterns so that you can step into the power of who you truly are.

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For a FREE introductory 30 minute consultation e-mail or phone me at 520-615-0922.

Reiki Training

Are you interested in learning a simple yet effective way of healing yourself and others? Reiki helps reduce stress, is safe and easily learned. For more information on Reiki classes please visit my Reiki section. I also invite you to listen to my free podcast on Reiki. See below for details.

My Store

Are you interested in beautiful and unique products for Body & Soul? Please visit my online store, Equinox Gifts, for a wonderful assortment of gifts such as spiritual jewelry, massage and crystal wands, vibrational essences, chakra candles, crystal suncatchers ,finger labyrinths, zenergy chimes, meditation gifts and more.


Free Podcast

Reiki: Putting the Power of Healing in Your Own Hands

Have you ever wondered what Reiki is, how it works and what it can do for you? I invite you to listen to this Co=Creation Cafe call with me and host, Nancy Barry-Jansson. This is a free call that you can download as an MP3 file.  To listen click the box below.

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Healing From Within

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