End of the Year Ritual

The end of the year provides a wonderful opportunity to create a ritual where you release anything that does not serve you anymore –  any outworn beliefs or patterns. This ritual will help you get clear on your vision and any plans or goals for the new year.

1. Have a pen and journal ready.

2. Light a candle

3. Clear your space using smudge (the burning of sage, cedar, sweetgrass or copal), incense or Aura Cleanser.

4. Ground and Center * (See below for a grounding meditation)

5. Imagine that you can gently and safely float above your body, above your room then above the place where you live. From this perspective look over your life. Observe your day to day activities. Notice how you feel and what you see. Then ask yourself, “How do I feel about my life? What serves me and what hinders me? Are there any changes I would like to make?”  Now look towards the next few months and year and ask yourself, ” What would I like to see manifest for myself and my family in the upcoming months? Are there any dreams, visions or goals I would like to fulfill?”  When you feel ready gently return your awareness back to your body

6. Record your observations in your journal.

7. Now imagine a light emanating from your heart. Send this light to your vision. Surround your vision in a bubble of brilliant white light then send it out into the universe. Trust your Higher Power to guide you towards its manifestation.

8. Give thanks for all that you have.

9. Add whatever else you might like to this ritual.

*Grounding Meditation

Grounding is a simple exercise for connecting with the earth, as well as the universe around you. It is a helpful exercise for anyone to do as it provides protection and helps you be more present.

Stand or sit with your feet placed flat on the ground.  Line up your body so that your spine is straight and your chin is parallel to the floor.  Take a slow, deep, cleansing breath. Imagine that a golden light descends from above and enters your body through the top of your head. Imagine that this light makes its way down the center of your body. Imagine that it flows down to your hips, down your legs, then out through the soles of your feet, extending down to the core of the earth and anchoring your energy to the earth.

Next, imagine that you draw up the energy of the earth. You can imagine it as the color green. This energy enters your body through the soles of your feet and flows up your legs, up through the center of your body then out through the top of your head, extending up to Source above.

This is a basic grounding meditation. You can also create a bubble of protective white light around you by following the directions below.

Focus your attention on your heart center. Imagine a ball of white light surrounding your heart, small at first like the size of a baseball. Imagine that this ball of light grows larger so that it is about the size of a beach ball. Then imagine that it grows larger and larger until it surrounds your entire body, all around you, above and below you, extending out about three feet all around you.

You have now created a bubble of protective white light. You can imagine this light at any time throughout the day to form a protective shield around you. Try it out and see how it feels and works for you.

What rituals do you use at the end of the year? Please feel free to share here.






7 thoughts on “End of the Year Ritual

  1. Hi Susan!

    Those are great rituals! I like to do something a little simpler, I sit down and think about the whole year and go through stuff I wrote down. I like to see how far I’ve come, my progress and what goals I’ve achieved.

    See what I’ve learned that was important and check my growth for the year, then I set new goals for the new year. I write down my new plans for achieving those goals and feel gratitude for everything and for everyone I have met and all of whom I will meet.

    I love your ritual so much I’m going to try it out myself and I just love grounding exercises, there fabulous. one that I learned is to imagine a bubble above your head and imagine a magnet in it.

    Then imagine that the magnet pulls everything into it, your life force and everything you don’t want into it.

    Then imagine a second bubble, this one off to the left side of your head this time and have that magnet pull all of your life force into that bubble. Then imagine that is left in the bubble to the right side of your head is all the stuff you don’t want that no longer serves you.

    Then release your life force back into your body and allow the stuff you don’t want to float away and back to the earth again.

    With blessings.


  2. Hi Galena,

    Thanks for commenting on my ritual.

    I think it is great that you review the year to see what you have learned, how you’ve grown and who and what you are grateful for. It’s like cleaning out your inner closet : )

    I have never heard of imagining a bubble outside your body with a magnet in it. Interesting ritual.

    Many blessings to you,


  3. I agree with Gaylena, Susan!

    While I have been doing an almost identical end of year ritual for at least 20 years, I’ve stopped burning incense/candles because I’d wake up the next day with sinus congestion. Now, I use flameless candles and then oils for aromatherapy. I even have a ring I can put the oil on, then over a lightbulb so the heat releases the scent. This way, I stay healthy into the New Year. :o)

    I *love* the grounding and protection meditations you offer here. When I need the protection quickly, like when in traffic, I do one a friend learned when training in Qi Gong: Imagine wrapping your entire body (or car) in a ribbon of white light~wrapping it vertically, horizontally, and at angles~then *know* you are protected. It always works for me!

    I appreciate all that you share, and your lovely Equinox Gifts sites, too!

    Many blessings,

  4. Wow, Nancy! How great that you have been doing an end of the year ritual for 20 years. Using flameless candles is a great idea as you don’t have to be concerned about leaving your candle unattended.

    Thanks for the protection suggestion. I always call upon Archangel Michael for protection when in my car but will add the ribbon of white light as well.

    Appreciate your comments.


  5. I forgot to mention…

    About 15-16 years ago, I read that filling your bathtub with hot water and topping it off with a big bottle of saki OR red wine is an excellent way to detox the body. It’s OK if it’s cheap wine~you are NOT drinking it (or the bath water!). :op

    Turns out, the enzymes in the wine naturally exfoliate the skin and leave it glowing. In the middle ages, women in courts would take the dregs from wine glasses to wash their skin at night. Same idea. Some Napa Valley Winery spas use a similar technique with grape seeds. The water starts out rose-colored~and is definitely NOT by the end. (ick!) It really DOES pull toxins out of the body!

    I find taking a nice, detoxifying bath that also smells good *before* I begin the end of the year ritual is a great way to release stress of the season, and prepare myself for an afternoon or evening of contemplation. You’ll sleep well, too.

    Many blessings,

  6. Makes me wonder why I have never heard of the wine bath. Especially since my husband and I lived in Northern California and would go to Napa Valley wineries. Makes sense though.

    We went several times to Calistoga for mud baths. Loved those! They also were detoxifying and left my skin silky soft. Now I use dead sea salts for releasing toxins. Epsom salts are good for this as well. Actually I was told by a colleague “in the know” to take epsom salt baths in order to raise my vibration.

    I have also taken aura baths which I learned from my medicine teacher. She taught me to fill cheesecloth with small crystals, one for each chakra. For example, hematite or garnet for the root chakra (1st), carnelian for the sacral (second), citrine for the solar plexus (third), aventurine or rose quartz for the heart (fourth), turquoise or blue lace agate for the fifth, lapis or sodalite for the Ajna (third eye. sixth) and amethyst for the crown (seventh). You then do a little ritual/meditation of releasing blocks from each chakra working your way up from the first to the seventh.

    Bath rituals are great to do and so pampering!

    Thanks again, Nancy!

    Light and Blessings,

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