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Susan Eller, M.A. Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive Life Coach specializing in Women's Self-Empowerment, helps you clear limiting beliefs, expand awareness and connect with your true power.

Transformational Empowerment Coach for Women

Empowerment Coaching for Women, Life Transformation, Reiki Masteronal Power,. Life Transformation

Are you feeling stuck or confused? Would you like to feel better about yourself and more positive about your life? Transformational empowerment coaching lightens your way to help ease and illumine issues you may have. I offer a compassionate, holistic approach to assist:

  • Clarifying issues

  • Clearing limiting beliefs

  • Expanding awareness

  • Building self-esteem

  • Raising your vibration

  • Creating a more fulfilling life

My goal is to empower you.

Learn how to access inner guidance and wisdom, transform challenges into opportunities for growth, turn negatives into positives and connect with the POWER within you.

As an intuitive and empath I am able to tune into your energy to provide insight, higher guidance and objectivity. I also provide tools to help you realize and express your true potential.

As a transformational empowerment coach I help you connect with your “inner essence” your “true power” to create life fulfilling goals that are in line with what you truly want. With over 40 years in the self-development field I am able to help you  CLEAR blocks as well as provide the tools to help you move forward in the easiest, most fulfilling way possible.

If you are interested in a private session and would like to talk with me first, click here to contact me. I would be happy to talk with you before you decide to place an order.

Click here for information on private sessions.

Private sessions are done over the phone or via Video Chat.

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