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Susan Eller, M.A. Empowerment Coach for Women, Life Transformation

About Susan Eller, M.A. RMT Pioneer in the Healing'/ Personal Development Field

Susan Eller is a transformational counselor, empowerment coach for women, Reiki Master, ordained non-denominational minister and transformational teacher. She has a master's degree in psychology with four decades of experience in the healing/personal development field.


Susan Eller, M.A. Women's Empowerment Coach, Life Transformation

Her interest in healing began in 1975 when a close friend’s seven-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor. Surgeons gave the child three to six months to live. Wanting to help in whatever way she could, Susan began exploring alternative methods of healing.

It was this quest that led her to holistic healing practices. Through a combination of faith, medical science, and alternative healing methods, her friend’s daughter healed herself and is alive and well today.

Susan studied various mind/body healing practices such as polarity therapy, laying on of hands, Vipassana meditation, and the intuitive arts. She was ordained as a nondenominational minister in 1976 and received a masters degree in psychology from Antioch University in 1983. She later became certified as a transformational healer with hypnotherapy in 1992 and became a Reiki Master in 2000. In addition to her formal training her forty plus year relationship with her husband has deepened her capacity to help others with their relationship issues.

Susan specializes in showing people, especially women, how to free themselves from limiting, self-sabotaging patterns in order to move into their true power allowing them to live happier, more fulfilling lives. 

She is also intuitive and is able to hone into a client's energy to sense core issues that block them and keep them stuck in repetitive patterns.  She is then able to share her insights with her clients often resulting in "aha" types of experiences.

Susan has appeared on radio and TV as well as Cosmopolitan and People magazines. She is available for online, email, and phone consultations. To contact Susan click here. 

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